In am in my twenties, living in Norway and have a infinite love for baking. I love to bake anything and everything sweet and I am hungry to try as many recipes as possible. I love to mix together those lovely ingredients which results in indescribeably fragrants that are produces in the oven and fills the home with sweet love.

My love for baking started at the age of 9. Ever since I was a little girl I used to see my mom bake lovely cakes and yeasted goodies and later my older sister used to fill the home with same smell.
In the early years of my baking journey I was pretty much excited about baking cookies and candies. My first ever baking attempt when I was 9 years old was some rectangular shaped chocolate cookies called "cat's tales", which I found in a old booklet for christmas baking that follows home magazines. I do not really remember the result, but after that attempt my love for baking became stronger and stronger with time. I started to make caramels, small cookies and stuff. I remember the caramels were great and my siblings praises them even today.
When my sister got married about 6 years ago, I literally started to bake for real; cakes, yeasted buns, everything, you name it. Later I have found out that I also have a love for decorating cakes, especially marzipan cakes and I have come a long way, but I am still improving.

I would first and foremost like to thank God for gifting me with this ability, and my mom and sister for being great inspiratons. I hope to be an inspiration to all of you who love to bake and I hope you will enjoy my blog.

[This blog started at the end of December 2007 for about 3 years ago named "Taste of Norway", and have now gone over from 'Crème et Cannelle' to 'Sweet Macaron' which stands for the petit and delicate French macarons in beautiful colors with sweet fillings].

A macaron is all you need to add sweetness to the life.