American Brownies

19 March 2014

Delicious American chocolate brownies packed with flavor. These have a slight fudgy texture with chocolate chips added in.

I am wondering were the winter really went this season. With a spring feeling in the air for a long time now, just today early a few snow flakes descended from above. Maybe to tell that winter has still not gone yet. But I have to say that it is amazing how a few sun rays penetrating through the dark skies and some mild fresh air can have an effect on the way you are feeling. It makes you feel wonderful. And it can make you smile.. out of nowhere. And so does these scrummy American brownies!

This recipe of American brownies is almost obligatory to have in your kitchen shelf. It is so easy and by far one of the best brownie recipes that I have come across. I don't know were I found it, but it was through a Google search for a long time back, maybe years, and it has been with me since then, because it does deliver!! I mean it is amazing how a few basic ingredients which you always have in your kitchen can turn into these delicious chocolatey brownies. No need of chocolate, no need of fancy ingredients or methods. It is just as simple as it can be and yet the lovely chocolatey flavor is coming through the brownies.

And you don't even need an electric mixer. All you need is a large bowl and a small bowl for the butter and a hand whisk! Crack the eggs, add in the sugar, whisk a little, then add the rest of the ingredients, whisk a little more, pour it into the tray and pop it in the oven. There is something about baking by hands free from any electric equipment. You are more involved in the baking process and it just gives you a great feeling.

These brownies can be baked to whatever type of brownies you prefer; gooey and fudgy, fudgy and firm. Just adjust the time, start checking with a clean pin or tooth pick after 15 minutes of baking, and then pop them out when you feel they have the right consistency according to what you want. They will firm up a little when cooled and they tastes even better the next day! Adding chocolate chips and nuts will give an extra dimension to these brownies with different textures and even more intense chocolatey taste coming through.


1. The salt does make these brownies really. Use salted butter as it will enhance the taste of the chocolate. If you don't have salted butter, then add a little salt to the batter.

2. Do not be tempted to whisk the eggs and sugar for more than a few seconds. You just want a gooey batter, not an egg nog. And it does not take many seconds before you reach there. So be careful or you may end up with a dry cakey texture. 

American Brownies
Recipe from unknown source

Makes about 20 brownies

...........................................................  INGREDIENTS  ...........................................................

150 g / 0.66 cup butter, salted
   (if using non-salted butter, then add 1/2 - 3/4 tsp salt to the batter)
3 eggs

315 g / 1 2/5 cup sugar
135 g / 1.1 cup plain flour
3 tbsp cocoa powder
1,5 tsp vanilla sugar


100 g chocolate, dark or milk, roughly chopped
50 g nuts, roughly chopped


30 g white chocolate, melted

...........................................................  PREPARATION  ...........................................................

1 Grease or line one deep baking tray about 28x16 cm / 11x6 inches with parchment paper
2 Melt the butter in a sauce pan or in the microwave and set aside to cool
3 In a large bowl, whisk together eggs and sugar until a gooey mass forms using a hand whisk, it should take a few seconds (be careful to not over-whisk or the brownies may have a cakey texture)
4 Add in the flour, cocoa powder, vanilla sugar and the cooled melted butter (add salt if using non-salted butter)
5 Using the hand whisk stir gently until combined and then whisk for about 30 seconds until you have a smooth batter
6 Pour the batter into the prepared baking tray and sprinkle evenly with chopped chocolate and nuts, use a knife to swirl through the brownie batter to incorporate the chocolate and nuts

Bake at the lowest slot of the oven at 160 C / 320 F for about 20-25 minutes or until a pin inserted in the middle comes out sticky with a little firm batter on it

Let cool and then cut into nice and clean squares with a sharp knife

If you want to garnish, melt the white chocolate and drizzle over the brownies for a pretty finish



I just love these brownies!

So scrummy!!

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