Kids Brownie Pops ~ Winter Workshop # 3

15 January 2012

Yet another workshop with my little cutie pies. This time Kids Brownie Pops, the very easy way. Delicious brownies made into appealing lollipops for toddlers.

I have become an aunt yet again. This time for a lovely nephew. I love babies, they are so small and soft, to eat up! Since my sister has been busy with the newbie my two cutie pies have been spending a few days at our house. It has been great time, kids are such cute creations, they keep you busy all the time. Anyways, I made some brownies and blondies on Thursday. The plan was actually to make an apple cake, but for some wierd kind of reason my younger sister started to scream for brownies (even though she was not going to eat since she had a lot of chocolate) and I had to go for it preventing more trouble.

The next day when my nieces arrived in the early morning, I thought it would be nice to make some pops of the left over brownies. I wanted to make an good icing to mix with the brownies, but ended up using icing sugar with cocoa powder and some pearl sugar for garnish. We did not have a lot of time and the kitchen was busy for dinner preparation. These brownie pops are so easy and made in seconds. They remain the same in taste (I prefer the normal brownies, but kids love these), but have a new and more exciting lollipop shape for the kids. My oldest niece loved to roll them to round balls and roll them in pearl sugar. She was also very excited with the photo shooting afterwards. Moments of joy!

Yesterday, on the 14th of January, I decided to make something french, petit choux (choux à la crème) also known as cream puffs or profiteroles. I have only made it once before a few years ago I think and they were not really successful. So this was my second attempt and I needed some helping hands this time; the hand force of my mom and sister (I did not have any energy in my arm to beat the dough with the wooden spoon, very tough job). The petit choux wreath turned out fantastic. I filled it with strawberry jam, whipped vanilla cream and garnished it with melted chocolate and blanched chopped almonds. It was an success! My brother in-law loved it (told me to make it again for the newbies function next weekend) and so did everyone else. Actually it was gone with the wind and everyone did not get a piece of it, I barely had a chance to taste it myself, let alone take a photo. I will post up the recipe some time when I make it again.


I just have to share the amazing night and sunset of the 14th January. The whole sky was covered with a blanket of stars and the moon was shining so bright and clear in the darkness of night. The sunset of the 14th was even more amazing and it lasted for about an hour. What artistically painting with the bright pink, purple and bluish colors. Far somewhere it was a line of intense orange color which looked like fire in a jungle. Magical! I was looking long at the beautiful creation of God. I do not have words enough to describe, so I am posting up two photos of the many I took.

Okay, here is the easy brownie pop recipe, just use whatever you have available of garnish and stuff. There are no limitations. Let your and the kids imagination run!

Makes about 15 pops

15 pieces of brownies (recipe here)
4 tbsp icing sugar
1 tsp cocoa powder
pearl sugar
15 wooden sticks

1. Crumble the brownies and have them in a medium sized bowl
2. Have the icing sugar and cocoa powder in a small bowl, stir hot water, little at time till it forms an thick paste
3. Mix in the icing sugar with the brownie crumbles
4. Roll round balls
5. Have the sugar pearls in a bowl and roll each brownie pop until covered
6. Stick a wooden stick in each ball

Ready to serve for the kids!

Brownie pops..

for kids

These will make..

all the kids happy!

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