A White Fondant Cake for Special Occassion

20 September 2011

A sponge cake filled with cream and jam covered with marshmellow fondant and decorated with roses, pearls and ribbon for occassions like weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, holidays or other special celebrations which requires an elegant looking cake.

For the very special occassion at the end of august, a special cake was a must. And as the self-appointed cake deliver at all the occassions, I could not disappoint anyone this time either. Due to a lot of confusion I thought I was not supposed to make any cake this time as we were going over to someone, but things got cancelled without prior notice and I had no time for an instant cake baking. However, I had to change my mind after hearing "would not it be any cake for tomorrow?", "so boring without a cake" and etc. I mean who would not? A lot of people to please, and perhaps the cake was like a highlight of the occassion.

I spent the night before making chocolate heart bonbons and this night was dedicated to cake baking and french macaroons. Around 12 am midnight I prepared the cake sponge, filled it with jam, cream and covered it with marzipan. I had doubts if I could manage to decorate it properly the next day, as I the schedule was so tight. Fortunately I managed it in no time. I was pretty much satisfied with the result, even though I had planned to make it a two-tiered cake decorated with royal icing at the very beginning.

Cakes with soft and delicate colors attracts me and especially white toned ones. I just love them. There is something pure and elegant about this color which makes everything look more decent and beautiful. 

A pink ribbon all around and pearls to give the cake some color and beauty.
This is a simple sponge cake filled with jam and cream, topped with marzipan and decorated with marshmellow fondant. (Marshmellow fondant is thousand times better in taste and texture than rolled fondant which only taste sugar and is too stiff. In addition, it is much more pliable and easier to work with. My rolled fondant last time was just breaking apart and was difficult to cover and get smooth).

No step-by-step pictures (remember it was midnight!) this time.

Sponge Cake

3 eggs, at room temperature
120 g sugar
120 g allpurpose flour
1 tsp baking powder

Follow instructions here (Basic Sponge Cake recipe)

Jam Filling

1 dl strawberry or raspberry jam
(or choose any flavor according to taste)

Cream Filling

4 dl cream

0,75 dl vanilla cream, instant
1 tbsp icing sugar

1. Prepare the vanilla cream according to packets instructions (keep it a little stiff)
2. Whip the cream until it forms stiff peaks
3. Keep aside about 1/4 part of the whipped cream for later use
4. Fold in the vanilla cream in the remaining whipped cream


300 g marzipan or almond paste

Marshmellow Fondant 

(Covers a 22 cm / 9 inch) cake and enough to make about 10 roses and a drape)

150 g marshmellows
1,5 tbsp water
1 tbsp coconutfat / vegetable fat
ca. 375 g icing sugar

1. Have the marshmellows and water in a large bowl and warm it up in the micorwave on full temperature for about 1,5 - 2 minutes till they starts to puff up.
2. Add the fat (and color if you wish to) and stir until well combined using a wooden spoon
3. Add the icing sugar, little by little and stir well
4. When it starts to form a dough, turn out on a surface and knead in rest of the icing sugar until it forms a smooth ball
5. Wrap in a plastic wrap and keep in fridge (can keep long in fridge, just knead it before use to soften it up)
6. Use flour when you work with the fondant

In addition you will need

0,5 dl apricot or orange jam
1-2 tsp water
edible pearls
icing sugar

Assembling the Cake

1. Divide the cake in three bottoms and have the first one on a serving plate
2. Soak the bottom with milk (sprinkle)
3. Spread the jam followed by the cream filling
4. Cover with a second bottom and repeat
5. Cover with the last bottom, spread jam and cover all around with the remaining (1/4 part) whipped cream
6. Roll the marzipan to the size of the cake plus the height and cover the cake trimming the edges
7. Warm a little apricot or orange jam in a saucepan along with a teaspoon of water until it just gets warm, brush all over the marzipan
8. Roll the marshmellow fondant the same way as the marzipan and cover the cake, smooth it out and trim the edges
9. Decorate with fondant roses, pearls and ribbon as desired

For the roses, please see tutorial here, I might post my tutorial some other time (the roses and pearls were glued on with icing sugar combined with water to a medium thick paste)

Fondant rose..

and a piece of the cake..

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