Marzipan Cake with Lemon Fromage

17 March 2011

I have been baking marzipan cakes for many years now and a few rare times have I changed the filling. The strawberry and whipped cream filling mixed with vanilla cream is too delicious to be changed, but a change now and then does not hurt. I have never made a fromage before, bascially because I have never used gelatine in any of my cakes and this was my second try with gelatine after the panna cotta challenge with the daring kitchen. Fromage is a cream made of whipped cream and egg nog which is mixed together with gelatine to make it firm.

I made a lemon fromage with squeezed lemon juice and grated rind of lemon. The lemon taste was very strong and my fromage did not get too firm, maybe because I did not manage to use the gelatine in right way. It was a whole new experience of taste with lemon fromage and raspberry jam in marzipan cake, kind of exotic aroma and a little unusual taste for tongues that are used to typical flavors.

I decided to not put any effort in decorating the cake as it was for evening tea at home only and the main purpose of making it was a carton full of whipped cream in the fridge and my curiosity of trying out fromage.
I would recommend this cake for spring and summer season as the strong lemon flavor really reminded me of summer.

Basic Sponge Cake Recipe (you may divide recipe in half if you want a smaller cake, use 22 cm spring form)

I n g r e d i e n t s

1 sponge cake
1 dl Raspberry or strawberry jam
0,5 dl milk
1 dl cream
300 g marzipan

Lemon Fromage

5 gelatine sheets (or 2-3 tsp powdered gelatine)
2 egg
4 tbsp sugar
0,5-1 lemon (squeezed juice of)
2 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp lemon rind, grated
4 dl full cream

1. Let the gelatine sheets in cold water for about 5 minutes
2. Whisk egg and sugar until fluffy (egg nog)
3. Mix squeezed lemon juice and sugar until sugar is dissolved (if using powdered gelatine, mix with 0,5 dl hot water and stir in the lemon juice and sugar mixture)
4. Squeeze water out from the gelatine sheets and mix with lemon juice mixture
5. Whip cream until fluffy and fold in carefully with the egg nog mixture followed by the lemon-gelatine mixture
6. Let the fromage set a slittle until firm

How To

1. Divide the sponge cake into two or three layers
2. Sprinkle with cold milk all over
3. Spread some raspberry jam and add the lemon fromage (in one or two layers)
4. Repeat until all layers are done
5. Whip 1 dl cream until fluffy and add on last layer, covering the sides
6. Roll the marzipan to a thin sheet and cover the cake, trim the edges
7. Decorate as desired
8. Let cool in fridge for about 4-5 hours or preferabely over night

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