Fried Banana with Crunchy Caramel, Ice Cream & Chocolate Fudge Sauce

18 March 2011

Another new composition of an melody with soft and hard notes. A craving sweet tooth and a few ingredients available along with five minutes of your schedule can be conjured up to the greatest dessert you can think of. This dessert is also a result of that.

It is funny to think how some ingredients and commodities can melt together into each other and make the perfect taste that satisfies the need of our tastebuds. No matter whatever, I need my daily intake of something sweet with my evening tea which rounds off my day. I could not really find anything to have with my tea today, but had a few "leftovers" here and there and ofcourse I had to include turkish yoghurt which I am so in love with ever since I had my first taste in this creamy dreamy yoghurt.

This dessert is made by half a banana, turkish yoghurt, one bar of twix chocolate and one chocolate chip cookie. Fried warm bananas are lovely with cold vanilla ice cream and you can make this dessert with ice cream which will be even more great, but I tell you, they have a great chemistry with some cold turkish yoghurt as well (I did not have ice cream so, you take what you have). So what I did was to fry half a banana for five minutes, chopped the chocolate chip cookie, cut the twix bar in small pieces and lined all the ingredients in a dessert bowl.

The soft melting-in-mouth bananas meets the hardness of crunchy cookies and the sweetness of the caramel from the twix bar along with some velvety turkish yoghurt. Along with a cup of lemon tea. So good! Add some chocolate fudge sauce on top of it to complete this dessert.
Mom made some yummy rainbow flavored custard today which I had with dinner.

Makes 4 portions

I n g r e d i e n t s

4 bananas, ripe
4-6 chocolate chip cookies
4-6 twix chocolate bars
150 g turkish or greek yoghurt or vanilla ice cream

Chocolate Fudge Sauce  (get the recipe at the end of page)

1. Peel the bananas, cut in pieces and stir-fry until soft (5 minutes)
2. Chop the chocolate cookies, and cut twix bars in small strips
2. In a large dessert bowl or 4 small bowls, add fried bananas, yoghurt or ice cream, chopped cookies, twix strips and top it all with a good portion of hot chocolate fudge sauce

Serve immediately!

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