Katharine Hepburn's Brownies - Testing Recipe

09 October 2010

So yeah, as I told in my last post I was craving for some really good brownies and after a search on google the famous Katharine Hepburn's brownies catched my attention and I gave it a go. The recipe I used is from the website Joyofbaking and I checked different recipes on google and all were the same for these brownies. This recipe had alot of good reviews so I thought they have to turn out amazing. First thing I actually got a bit skeptical to was the really huge amount of sugar, 200 grams! And the too little amount of flour, lousy 30 grams. What would that turn into? A sugary jelly type of brownies. Anyways, I did put 10-15 grams extra of flour and the batter was yummy yummy really. The result you may ask, well I am not really satisfied, it actually turned into a sugary jelly which was not chewy at all. They were way too sweet so I dropped the icing sugar on top and my sis could tell the same that our old brownies recipe is better. To be honest I am a bit skeptical to the brownies recipe which are made by melting chocolate and butter, no success to me as I have tried it before. I think my old recipe for Real American Brownies with cocoa powder is if not really good, far better than this one. By the way, I can not get those brownies I had on the cafe last week out of my mind. They were just perfect! And my search for those perfect brownies will go on. I shall try a new recipe for brownies everytime till I find the right one. If anyone have an extemely good brownies recipe, please share so that I can try it out. Will I make these again? Never. But maybe any of you out there would like them, so I am sharing the recipe - The recipe can be found here.

They were really easy to make and I did not use the mixer. The batter was so yummy that I licked the whole bowl with my finger haha. Just if the baked version would turn that good. Licking the bowl of any cake batter is my favorite part of baking!

The texture of the brownies was very jelly-like and the top flaky, but they got a little better after some hours. The only part that would be chewy was the corners. 


  1. I was just googling "really good brownies" to show my future-baker daughter -- we saw the picture for Katharine Hepburn's brownies on google/images and I told her no-no-no-no-no -- they have to have the tiny layer of shine on the top or they're not good brownies! Then I read your post and you'd already figured out that poor Katharine didn't know her brownies from a hole-in-the-wall! But I liked her in "Pat and Mike" and "Summertime" -- I just won't be eating her brownies. :)

    (I will be trying your chocolate chocolate chip muffins sometime soon!)

  2. Haha, and I did not even know who Katharina Hepburn was until you made me Google for her. Maybe brownies just was'nt her subject. But let me know how the chocolate chip muffins turns out. Happy baking :)!