Drömmar (Dreams)

19 October 2010

Yes, give me more dreams! Becuase these dreams are the best. They are perfect. And they would never give you any nightmare. And the best thing is that you can choose to have as many dreams as you want! Sweet, crunchy dreams that literally melts in your mouth. Who needs other dreams when you have these?
Words are not enough to describe these amazing swedish dreams! You have to let these dreams melt on your tongue to tell how beautiful each dream was. Yes, these lovely cookies literally lives up to their name. One of the best cookies ever!

I could make these any day. And they would be gone with the wind. It is not difficult to guess why, these cookies are full of goodness in each bite! Fluffy, melting, dreamy moments with a cup of tea or coffee, or even milk if you like to. These cookies are originally from Sweden are called "Drömmar" which means "Dreams" in swedish. The baking ammonia makes the cookies crack open and gives the airy holes inside. I found them for the first time in the baking book "Gyldendals Store Bakebok" which I borrowed from the library, and believe I have been borrowing this book all the time after that. It is a book full of gold worth recipes and I tend to keep the book for as long as I am allowed, about 3 months for each time. I tried to search for that baking book on the net, but it is not sold anywhere, I guess because it is old. However, I got a mini renewed version of that book, I ordered it online from Sweden, and I thought it was the same book as I was looking for, but it is different. Although it contains many of the recipes from that old book, among them this original recipe of Dreams Cookies!

I guess you want the recipe now? Well I would not let you wait anymore. I am sharing here recipe of definitely one of the best cookies ever and one my best classic recipes ever! A little time consuming at the beginning, but it is so worth it. You would not regret. And while you are are at it, why not make a huge batch?

Makes about 50 cookies

I n g r e d i e n t s

100 g butter or margarine, softened
3 dl sugar
2 tsp vanilla sugar
1 dl oil (with neutralt taste, corn oil recommended)
1 tsp baking ammonia
ca 4 dl all-purpose flour

1. Beat butter, sugar and vanilla sugar smoothly with el-mizer or by a wooden spoon
2. Add the oil, little at a time and beat well each time, until it becomes silky and smooth (this stage is time consuming and I reccomend using hands at this stage, it gives better result)
3. Mix the baking ammonia with a little of the flour and add in the batter
4. Work in the remaining flour (still using your hands) until it is not sticky
5. Roll the dough in two lenghts, cut in pieces (25 each length) and form to balls
6. Put the balls on a greased or baking sheet covered baking tray
7. Press a half, scalded and peeled almond on each cookie if you like

Bake in a moderately hot oven at 150C for about 20 minutes in the middle of oven

Note! The baking ammonia can not be substituted since it gives these cookies their characteristic crack open look and the airy holes inside. While the cookies are baking you will smell baking ammonia all over the kitchen, it is not dangerous, the smell will disappear once the cookies are baked. These cookies should not be over-baked, they are supposed to keep their pale color and should not be turned golden at all!

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