Simple Anniversary Cake

07 September 2008

About half month ago, my sis had her 3rd wedding anniversary. There was no big celebration, so
I made a simple, yet unique marzipan cake.
The cake has strawberry, vanilla cream and whipping cream filling.

You can follow the sugar bread recipe for the
Basic Sponge Cake.

I am writing down the filling, and you can use the amount that suits your taste and size of cake.

Strawberries (fresh or freezed)
vanilla cream (bought or self-made)
whipping cream

1.Make the sugarbread as described
2. Mash the strawberries (you can use mixmaster, but be sure to freeze down the strawberries first if using freezed), add some sugar and mix
3. Put strawberry mash on the cake, followed by the vanilla cream and at last the whipping cream. Spread evenly
Put on a new layer and repeat till all the layers are done
4. Roll the marizpan out to a thin sheet and put on the cake
5. Garnish with melted chocolate and marzipan roses

I learnt to make the real-looking roses from the baking book I told about in my Apple Cake recipe. These roses are extremely easy to make, and I will post the method.

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